2014 Folk 2 Funk Festival


April 4-6     4th Annual Folk-2-Funk Festival

Folk 2 Funk Poster 

An eclectic mix of Folk, Americana, Funk and Blues, this year's Folk-2-Funk festival features on Friday evening at 7:30, Peter and Kim Kuperschmid; at 8:30, by popular demand, the Broadway World Award winner for Best Female Vocalist, Pamela Lewis, joined by John Hurley,  Sean & Donna Gillen, band leaders of CODE BLEU and a few of their "funky friends". On Saturday afternoon at 3:00, there will be a special biographical, visual, and musical tribute to Phil Ochs by his sister Sonny Ochs and musician John Flynn. Saturday evening performances by David Massengill, the Blues and Roots duo of Bill Sims Jr. and his daughter Chaney Sims, followed by the trio "Gathering Time" who will be performing original songs along with a tribute to the legendary Pete Seeger featuring guests Josh Joffen, Marty Stone and Eric Eaton. Sunday afternoon at 1:00 join us in the art gallery on the 2nd floor for a "meet the artist", Shaakir Thomas, and to view a few of his music-inspired paintings. At 1:30 the music begins with the Katie Mitchell-Condon Duo, a solo act with Christine Solimeno, followed at 2:30 by the eclectic and funky sounds of Karlus Trapp & Magumbo and concluding with popular Americana and folk group Spuyten Duyvil from 3:45.


 April 4, 5, 6, 2014


Friday 4/4-          7:30 pm  -Kim & Peter Kuperschmid

                                 8:15 pm  -Pamela Lewis & Friends

                                      with Sean & Donna Gillen, leaders of band Code Bleu


Saturday 4/5-     3:00 pm -Sonny Ochs and John Flynn  (Tribute to Phil Ochs)

Saturday Eve. - 7:00 pm - David Massengill

                                7:30 pm - Bill Sims Jr. & Chaney Sims

                                 8:30 pm  -Gathering Time & Friends:  

                                 Josh Joffen, Eric Eaton, Marty Stone (Tribute to Pete Seeger)


Sunday 4/6-   1:00 pm- Mini-reception to "meet the artist" with his music-inspired paintings Shaakir Thomas & Painting                                          Shaakir Thomas -

                        2nd floor Side wall Gallery- Light refreshments served

                            1:30 pm - Katie Mitchell-Condon Duo

                         2:00 pm - Christine Solimeno

                          2:30 pm - Karlus Trapp & MaGumbo

                          3:45 pm - Spuyten Duyvil

***Programs and Times Subject to Change***


Kim and Pete Kuperschmid



Kim & Peter Kuperschmid, Long Beach Natives who have been performing music together for over 20 years. Many are familiar with their band Steel Horse who have played most of the Long Beach venues and summer beach concerts. The performance at Folk-2-Funk will be a very special, intimate acoustic performance that will feature an eclectic selection of songs by some of the world's best songwriters.




 Pam Lewis and John HurleySinger Pamela Lewis, recent  BROADWAY WORLD AWARD winner for Best Female Vocalist, possesses a deep passion for performing and a love of music that traces back to her earliest memories. What does The Folk-2-Funk Festival mean to her and guitarist husband John Hurley? Getting their musical friends together to celebrate their two favorite types of music! Pamela & John's love for music brought them together 15 years ago when they met in a Rock band. Since then, their musical connection has grown into a way of life. What's better than starting off soft & intimate with folk favorites of Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills & Nash and then steadily building to Face Blasting Funk at its best with chart toppers of Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder?
Not much.... Come on down!

Special guests include power couple Sean & Donna Gillen, band leaders of CODE BLEU (Long Island BEST Wedding Band) and owners of SKYLINE ORCHESTRAS.COM


 John FlynnFew people who knew John Flynn as a boy would have predicted the path his life would take. A self-professed “straight arrow”, as a senior at Ridley High in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the former altar boy who once strummed a New Year's Day banjo in the world famous Mummers parade was named president of the National Honor Society and Scholar Athlete of the Year while receiving two congressional nominations to the United States Naval Academy. John was making plans to play lacrosse for Navy when he found out he would not be able to take his guitar with him to Annapolis. Although music had always been an important part of John’s life, he was surprised to realize how much he had come to rely on his beloved Guild twelve-string.  The thought of leaving it behind, even for a few months, caused him to begin to admit to himself that he had other dreams.  John abruptly changed course and began writing songs in earnest. He put himself through Temple University playing in bar bands. Though his degree was in political science, he abandoned the idea of studying law when he was offered a staff songwriting position at Combine Music in Nashville, following Billy Swan's Top 40 country recording of John's song "Rainbows and Butterflies".

It was Swan who first introduced John to Kris Kristofferson. Since then Kris has written liner notes for John, sung on three of Flynn's CDs and even recited the lyrics to John’s song “Without You with Me” at Stephen Bruton's funeral.  Today, John's shows draw from a significant body of work, ranging from his early country offerings to story songs, love songs, songs for kids, funny songs, songs of social justice, and meditations on loss, tolerance, faith and hope.  The 54 year-old father of four spurned touring when his children were young, but as the kids grew older superlatives began to welcome their dad's arrival to the national folk stage. In 2005, Arlo Guthrie invited John to join musical legends like Willle Nelson and Ramblin' Jack Elliott on the historic "Train to New Orleans" tour following Hurricane Katrina. And Ticket Magazine wrote that “John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson”.   John resides in the Brandywine area of Northern Delaware with his family and his running partner, Chief, the world's most exuberant Frisbee-catching German shepherd.


DAVID MASSENGILL- Singer / Songwriter / Storyteller

                                                                                                                                                                                                               David MassengillBy birth a Tennessean, David Massengill “emigrated” to the Greenwich Village folk scene in the mid-70’s, walking the same streets and playing the same storied coffee houses as Dylan and Van Ronk. Thirty years later, he’s still walking those streets - but now he’s being recognized universally for his pivotal role in keeping the American folk music tradition alive. Called “a master of vivid lyrical imagery”(Boston Globe), David continues to create beautiful and poignant “story songs” that are intimate and relevant and tug at your emotions. Songs like "Rider On An Orphan Train“ a narrative ballad ringing with truth and anguish” (Washington Post), "Number One In America", a riveting and ironic civil rights anthem” (Boston Globe) and the biting political statement, "The Gambler", "a thing of beauty about all things ugly” (Barry Crimmins).

His songs have been covered and recorded by Joan Baez, The Roches, Lucy Kaplansky, Tom Russell, Nanci Griffith and his mentor, Dave Van Ronk, who said David “took the dull out of dulcimer!”  Notes Music Boulevard, “That David made the lap dulcimer his instrument of choice tells us a lot about the soft-spoken native of eastern Tennessee. He accompanies his performance with an instrument indelibly Appalachian, yet conquers even the most urban of musical communities. He does it without losing that remarkable gift for true storytelling.”




Bill and Chaney Simms

 Bill Sims, Jr. and Chaney Sims take audiences on a unique journey steeped in the rich African-American musical traditions, passed down to both of them, from descendants of slaves and sharecroppers from the Americas. 

Together, with a distinctly contemporary and adventurous approach, they explore the wide range of music influenced by these legacies and the American songbook.  From the haunting cries of field hollers, the sobering wails of works songs and the grit of deep down, hard-driving blues, to the velvety sounds of cool jazz and tenderness of soulful ballads, this father/daughter duo reveals a broad spectrum of the blues and folk music. 



    Voted best band runner-up (and top folk band) in the 2011 Long Island PrGathering Timeess readers' poll, Gathering Time is like a high-energy Peter, Paul & Mary or a co-ed Crosby, Stills & Nash, with various parts of The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, the Eagles and America; a head-turning folk-rock harmony trio described recently as "getting a whole beehive-full of buzz" on the northeast regional folk scene. Founded in 2006 by Stuart Markus, Glen Roethel, and Hillary Foxsong, Gathering Time quickly became a fan favorite. The trio has strong roots in traditional folk as well as '60s and '70s folk-rock, and they've been known to sprinkle in some of those classics among their original sets.

No less an authority than WFUV's John Platt has written that they are "among the finest performers in the New York metropolitan area, whatever the size of the venue, from a house concert to an outdoor festival," with "harmonies that can charm the birds out of the trees, strong original songs, and a savvy repertoire of cover songs, ranging from traditional folk to classic rock. They appeal to audiences of all ages."

In March 2013 Stuart and Hillary were joined by Long Island folk luminary Gerry McKeveny. Gerry brings a mellow tenor and unparalleled guitar wizardry to the lineup, and both the band and longtime fans of the trio are excited to move into Gathering Time's next era.


               GUESTS:         Josh Joffen  Josh Joffen    Eric Eaton and

 Marty Stone

  Marty StoneMartin Stone is a multi-faceted performer. He plays guitar, a variety of wind instruments, percussion and sings in a rich Baritone voice. He has performed with the 13st Theater in New York as well as the Village light opera group (VLOG). He spent 5 years singing with the Hudson River Sloop singers and was with Pete Seeger when they backed him up at Carnegie Hall. He likes to play folk as well as blues and dabbles in new age music as well.  He feels music is why where here on this earth, to express ourselves, loudly, softly and rhythmically. Our heart beats out a rhythm and so does our need to be expressive. Martin Stone has been the Art Coordinator for the past 14 years for the Our Times Coffeehouse in Garden City. He can be heard performing around the Long Island area.



Katie Mitchell & John CondonKatie Mitchell and John Condon                                                   

Katie Mitchell has been singing her entire life. She grew up listening to folk and adult alternative tracks, and learned harmonies from singing the Indigo Girls with her mom. When she came to New York, she kept her music skills fresh by attending open mics and songwriter jams. She met her husband and drummer, John Condon, at one such open mic about a week after Hurricane Sandy at a little Irish pub in Forest Hills, Queens. The two specialize in "folking up" pop songs and adding harmonies to everything. Their acoustic style is just the thing for coffee shops and street corners, and now for Folk 2 Funk.


Christine Solimeno



Christine Solimeno is a singer/songwriter who hails from Long Island. She works as a solo artist and as a musician with a variety of duos, trios, and bands. She plays guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone and is widely known for her vocal ability. She performs throughout New York and the New England area.  Christine finds artistic inspiration through other musicians, life experiences, and God and hopes to inspire others through her words and musi



Karlus Trapp & MaGumbo came together in the late 90's down at  the Red Lion in Greenwich Village. Mixing the funky influences of  N'awlins, Jamaica, and world beat bluesy pop/rock, they  have shared the stage and played music with members of Bon Jovi, Modern English, Keith Urban, Garland Jeffries, the Paul Shaeffer group and more.  Winner  ofKarlus Trapp & MaGumbo the 2008 Bob Dylan competition at the New York guitar festival for his reggaefied Mr. Tambourine Man, his first CD "WOW"Karlus Trapp with MaGumbo was co-produced by grammy-winning producer (for Les Paul), Bob Cutarella. Guitarist/singer/producer Trapp's music has graced shows on network TV as well as  international markets around the world.  The latest recording,"S'allright " from 2012 ,continues the musical journey of pop rock eclecticism, hitting grooves  from Jamaica to N'awlins, and  familiar places in between close to home. 

Karlus Trapp Music, 430 Bement Ave. - Staten Island, NY  10310

 email: karlus.trapp@verizon.net  www.karlustrappmusic .com

karlustrapp@facebook.com   Myspace://karlustrapp.com  (718) 816-4159(718) 816-4159(718) 816-4159(718) 816-4159


  SPUYTEN DUYVIL: "They're a mighty powerhouse....All the playing is hot." -

Stephen D. Winick, The Huffington Post Spuyten Duyvil

"Raucous Roots..." - Phillip Lutz, The New York Times

     Hailing from the Hudson Valley, Spuyten Duyvil's (pronounced "SPITE-en DIE-vil") soaring vocals, traditional jug-band energy, slide guitar and Chicago-style blues harp propel the listener on a barn-burning romp through the last 100 years of American Roots music. "They are the hottest new band in folk music ... and one of the best", says legendary WXPN Folk DJ, Gene Shay. According to WFMT-Chicago's Rich Warren, listening to this joyous band for the first time is like "throwing a cherry bomb into a lake". It wakes you up."